Get size in bytes of object

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Sun May 16 13:25:57 EDT 2010

I am able to get a file from disk, compress it, and encrypt it to save the protected file back to disk. What I want to do is make sure there is enough room on the disk to save it before I try. I don't see a command that gets the size of a variable or a specific item on disk.

I am able to do the following:
	the diskspace --to get available disk space
	the long files -- gets size information for all files in a folder
	the size of an object -- only works for image, EPS, audioClip, videoClip, stack types of objects

The user selects the file from anywhere on disk. I could use "the long files" but I would have to change the defaultFolder value to the new folder and then back again and then get the info for all the files just to get the one the user selected.

Is there an easier way to do this?
Is there a way to get the size of a variable in Rev?

Bill Vlahos
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