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I searched for a solution in case you don't know the number of the line
I tested the following script (in a button) :

   local tIndex,tLineData,tName,tLine
on mouseUp
    ask "Which symbol?"
    if the result is "cancel" then exit mouseUp
    put it into tSymbol
    dispatch "FindIndex" to grp "datagrid" with "Symbol",tSymbol
    put the result into tIndex
    if tIndex > 0 then
       put the dgDataOfIndex[tIndex] of grp "datagrid" into tLineData
       put tLineData["Securities"] into fld "fldResult" -- or into a  
variable, or whatever else
       answer "There is no such symbol"
    end if
end mouseUp

This might be done with FindLine and dgDataOfLine as well (instead of  
FindIndex and dgDataOfIndex)

I tried to find a solution in case there might be several identical  
"symbols" in column 2, but without any success! (yet ;--))

Thanks Joe, for the training :-))

Best regards from Grenoble


Le 15 mai 10 à 22:48, zryip theSlug a écrit :

> 2010/5/15  <LunchnMeets at>:
>> Hi Everyone
>> First of all thanks to Zryip for the answer to my last grid  
>> question. Now
>> that problem is solved, but I have another.
> You're welcome ;)
>> I have a dataGrid with 8 columns and 1000 rows. Knowing the data of  
>> a line
>> of column 2, I need to retrieve the data of column 1 of that line.  
>> I don't
>> want to change anything in the dataGrid while doing this. How is  
>> this best
>> accomplished? If it helps Column 1 is titled Securities and column  
>> 2 is titled
>> Symbol.
> Assuming that you know the number of the line, a possible way is to
> read the data of the line, then read the content of the column
> securities, like this:
> put the dgDataOfLine[tTheLine] of tMyDataGrid into tTheDataA
> put tTheDataA["securities"] into tTheValueOfColumn1
> Regards,
> -- 
> -Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)
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