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DunbarX at DunbarX at
Thu May 13 17:45:35 EDT 2010

I asked these things before; this time I will write them down.

In the debugger:

Isn't there a keyboard shortcut to put the selection into the find box? I 
know you can drag selected text, but that only inserts it into (after, 
before) what might already be there. It would be the equivalent of Cmd-H in HC. We 
already have Cmd-G, thank goodness.

Is there documentation about watchpoints? I just tried them, and cannot 
figure out how they work, or how the conditionals attached to them are used. 
This goes for the conditionals with ordinary breakpoints as well.

There was an external for watchpoints in HC way back, where a user defined 
conditional would invoke a breakpoint. So if a variable, say, exceeded a 
certain value, the script would halt with a breakpoint at that point. Very 
useful; it looks like this is supported in Rev too?


Craig Newman

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