Stuck with Revlets :-(

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Wed May 12 20:57:15 EDT 2010

>> I know, but I copied the code from the variant with "file:" in from of it...
>> It won't give a problem in a local app, but sadly enough with or without
>> doesn't give a result when using it in a revlet :-(
> When I run the following from Rev's message box I get XML, so the file is
> there, and accessing it from Rev works:
> answer url
> ""
> My understanding is you only need to use the "file:" and "binfile:" types
> when accessing local files. Maybe there's different syntax for file access
> in a RevLet.  For sure there's a difference between net access and local
> file access.  Perhaps Jacque G or Sarah R knows.  They're knowledgeable
> dudes.

Over to Jacque. I'm only a dud on this one. All the variants I try
work fine in Rev, but not in a revlet.
I can only get local files to load, not remote ones.


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