modal subStacks in revlet (revWeb plugin)

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>> Roger.E.Eller at wrote:
>>> I can't seem to get a subStack which is stored in the mainStack to show
>>> using the revWeb plugin.  Is there something special I need to do?
>> Secondary windows don't work in revlets yet. But you can go to the stack
>> in the same window.
> I swear I remember this working in the very first version (maybe alpha).
> How are they making ask/answer dialogs work? Those are substacks, right? I
> may have to use a hidden group in the same stack, but that gets messy.

I vaguely recall it too, early on, but secondary windows were soon 
disabled because of various incompatibilities. RR made a special 
exception for ask and answer windows because those are so widely used, 
but it's a hack and they still have some issues. As far as I know, 
secondary windows are still on the roadmap but there's a lot of work 
involved to implement them across all browsers and platforms.

Another possible solution, depending on your stack setup, is to show 
both windows at the same time. These need to be loaded when the web page 
loads though; showing two stacks in the same window has to be set up as 
part of the javascript on the page. There's an example with code here:

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