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Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Mon May 10 17:08:55 EDT 2010

> You were at Now? What a great company. Now-Up-To-Date was the 
> best group calendar our company ever used. And Boomerang 
> hasn't seen it's match since!

It was a great company. I was international sales manager there, then after
it was acquired by Qualcomm, went over and did my thing there. Sadly, a few
years later Qualcomm sold it all off to a "new" Now Software. They never got
a successor out the door and ended up closing earlier this year.

The laid back Portland culture didn't quite mesh with Qualcomm. There was a
time during a mass staff phone conference (team in San Diego, team in
Portland) on a Friday when a tech writer came into the room announcing "Oh
yeah, the keg is here!", while rolling in the Beer Bash Friday keg (a
forbidden practice at qualcomm). 

A VP on the other end said "what was that?"

Then a marketing guy in Portland said "Yeah, the *cake* is here - its Greg's

So the SD team sang Greg a Happy Birthday song as we lined up with our
plastic cups...

What is funny is the very last release of Now Utilities actually came from
my own budget. We had a bunch of fixes made to placate our Japanese friends
who sold NU-J. Qualcomm sat on the English version for over a year until
they finally got around to releasing it to the world. I was long gone at
that point.

Now was quite close to Apple back then. Good times indeed.

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Mirye Software Publishing

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