News on revMobile

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon May 10 14:23:05 EDT 2010


It's a sad day for RunRev, and all high level language (HLL) developers. In an unprecedented decree by the current King of the Hill, Steve Jobs has declared his tools, and only his tools, can be used to create compiled binary applications for his new favorite pet platform. The Hell with the rest of us. Making matters worse, he didn't proclaim his intentions to do this until the fourth release of the SDK. It's not like he was starting some new platform from scratch, and set up the rules from the beginning. 

Nope, he changed things when it suited him best. "Be damned with the rest of you- oh and thanks for your support, UP TO NOW," is the message he is sending. He couldn't care less. Screwing his partners, their customers and their customer's customers out of literally millions of dollars.

Honestly, will anyone really be surprised when he does this yet again to Mac OS X developers? 

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