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Mon May 10 14:06:13 EDT 2010

Colin Holgate wrote:

 > The one thing that Kevin says that seems like a wrong conclusion,
 > is that they will continue to support the existing iPhone version
 > for Apple Enterprise customers. Those are the ones that are allowed
 > to deploy their own apps to some number of hundreds of users. But
 > the license agreement doesn't say anything about Store submissions,
 > it only says that you have to use certain languages, and you can't
 > use an interpreter layer. An Enterprise user making an app for
 > internal use would have still broken the agreement.

It seems even Jobs knows his limits sometimes - from the MonoTouch 
mailing list:

    I emailed Steve Jobs earlier today, and either he (or some
    delegate) replied, and the answers were pretty clear.

    Paraphrasing his reply: "The new provision is ONLY intended
    to apply to applications distributed through the app store.


But that's just an email from a developer, and I've found no formal 
confirmation from Apple either way.

And course if it's true, it's only true as of 11:06AM on 10 May 2010. 
Who knows what the license will say by noon...

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