Printing Resized PNGs

Marty Knapp martyknapp at
Fri May 7 16:55:53 EDT 2010

Thanks Jacque,

I did get some improvement when I realized that I needed to set the 
resizeQuality to Best after importing an image, but before any resizing. 
Before I had simply set the quality of my placeholder image to Best. 
Still JPEGs and non-transparent PNGs print best. BTW I'm printing to a 
laser printer - haven't tried much printing to an inkjet yet.


> Marty Knapp wrote:
>> Even though the transparency is set in Photoshop? OK - I'm batting 0 
>> here! I'll just tell my clients to use only JPEGs and non-transparent 
>> PNGs. Maybe in the next version of Rev . . .
> I found the reference I was looking for before, which is in the engine 
> change log for Rev version 3.0:
> Printing
> ~~~~~~~~
>   Any printed content that can not be rendered by the native OS 
> printing system is now rasterized at a higher resolution before being 
> sent to the printer as a bitmap. This means that any printouts 
> containing gradients, transparency or scaled images look much better.
> So apparently it would have been even worse before...and it's 
> dependent on the OS print drivers.

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