How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

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I'm not so sure about the whole "AppStore will keep you safe all the time" thing. Consider this poor schlep who download iDisplay from the AppStore and it ended up wiping out his computer:

Just one case out of many.

And I really hope you aren't serious about your kids not being able to access porn from your iPhone. Steve was disingenuous when he commented, "if you want to use porn, get an Android," You or your kids can access porn from your iPhone just like the rest of the world, through the browser. I have know idea what you're referring to by mentioning Flash in conjunction to porn. Flash is not porn.

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On May 7, 2010, at 11:27 AM, Bob Sneidar <bobs at> wrote:

> I just think that I would rather have an iPhone that is reliable and secure, than one I cannot be sure about because I downloaded something that is buggy or has a hidden exploit. What if in the initial stages of the iPhone, people were writing apps helter skelter that were unstable? How many support calls would Apple have gotten? What kind of bad rap would Apple have gotten for their "unstable insecure mobile device?" I can see the headlines: "Apple's iPhone just like the rest!" "Will the iPhone be just another Windows Update nightmare?"
> I think if that had been the case, people would be complaining much more loudly, only their complaint would have been, "Apple has the resources. They should have been able to do something about this mess!" Well they did do something about it right out of the gate. Consider how many more sales of these custom apps made by small developers happened, because the weight of Apple's quality control was behind it? People freely purchase and download apps without any fear at all about stability and security BECAUSE of Apple's app store model. How much more profitable have developers been because of that confidence? 
> In the past people only purchased from established developers and vendors (and paid good money for it too) because that was their way of ensuring stability and security in what they got. Apple has provided a way that a simple toad like me, who has a good idea for an app can either bless the world with my genius, or else make a little cash on the side. 
> Everything is give and take. You give up convenience for security and stability. That is the bargain to be struck. For those who don't like it, don't make the bargain. And haven't we always had rules to play by? The difference here is that the rules are strictly enforced, and IMHO rightly so, because a mobile computing device that is also a phone that also has bluetooth and wireless could be conceivably be turned into a traveling pandemic infecting every computer it could exploit. 
> And as far as the Flash thing, personally I am happy our children cannot easily view porn at will on their iPhones. It's the old tradeoff again, but this time it's a bit of freedom for security. 
> Bob

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