How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Fri May 7 12:06:06 EDT 2010

Rene, you are asking the wrong question probably.  Suppose you find some way
to bypass the technical legal wording of the restriction.  It is not going
to help.  You are dealing with a policy which is backed up by the power of
Apple to reject any app, or any developer, for any, or for no, reason.

So, find a way around it legally, use it, then get caught due to some coding
change in the tools that you should be using, in their view, which leaves a
signature, which your app now does not have, and you get banned.  So your
investment is up in smoke.

It is not going to work.  As long as Apple has the mechanism of the App
store, and control over the tools that it wants used, it can lay traps.  And
remember, Apple does not care how many false positives it generates.  It
just tells you to go away, and you're out.

The smart thing to do is respect their policy.  As Richard says, that is
unfortunately going to mean the policy that is in effect at this particular
hour and day.  If it changes tomorrow, well, get ready to respect that one

This is what causes, and is maybe designed to cause, the pinch for small
businesses.  Either you are in the camp, and you follow the rules, and you
become sort of part of an Apple extended family, and you put in all the
effort it takes to keep up, or you are out.

I know organic farmers in the UK who refuse to supply supermarkets.  Yes,
they can sell a lot of stuff to them.  But they don't want to be owned by
one.  So they take lower margins and greater uncertainty and sell through a
variety of channels.  In the end, they feel, its safer and more sustainable
than having the markets always make you offers you cannot refuse.

Jerry may be right, joining Apple may be the profitable choice.  I don't
know.  But what's clear is, if you are going to be in, you have to play by
the rules.  There is no way around this one, as long as the App Store is the
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