How exactly does runrev for ipad/iphone work?

Randall Reetz randall at
Thu May 6 14:52:00 EDT 2010

How about distribution rights?  Are those unlocked?  If Rev or someone wanted to distribute Apple's iphad IDE… could they?


On May 6, 2010, at 11:43 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Randall Reetz wrote:
> > If apple is apples policy is contingent upon the purchase of
> > the blessed IDE than a court will shortly slap it down.  Count
> > on it.  But the battle could rage on a bit if apple is giving
> > the blessed IDE away.
> It's free as in beer, just not free as in freedom.
> In my understanding only portions are FOSS, but all of it needed for development is available without cost to anything but your time.
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