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stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Thu May 6 13:08:57 EDT 2010

I've just used videograbber with the Sony TRV-17 and TRV-11 as well as the
Hi8 Video/Firewire Deck GV-D200. Also an ancient Firewire iSight camera.

I prefer it to many other methods, mainly because the settings will allow me
to set the de-interlace to progressive.

The videograbber setting panel on the Mac is furnished by quicktime, so
compatibility is only limited to whatever limitations are of QT.

One of my big complaints about videograbber is that the audio monitoring and
switching is nonexistant.
In preview mode the audio can be barely heard; in record mode there is no
through audio as well.  There is also no way to set the input as one can do
with the audio.  However, speaking of the Mac version, everything gets
recorded just fine, and the resultant movs are of good quality.

As usual, audio in the video world gets low priority.

On 6 May 2010 09:04, Martin Koob <mkoob at> wrote:

> I have a rev based application that uses revvideograbber to
> capture video and it works well with DV (firewire) cameras
> (I have tested it with Sony, Cannon, JVC and
> panasonic DV camcorders.) and the built in mac iSight camera.
> (the only difficulty I have encountered is when you have a Cannon
> DV camera and certain Lacie external hard drives connected by
> firewire.)
> I have a question from a potential customer as to what cameras
> are compatible as a video source.
> Is it safe to say any quicktime compatible
> camera (USB, (DV)firewire, web cam?)
> If any of you have used RevVideograbber could you
> post the cameras that they have used to start a
> compatibility list?
> Thanks
> Martin Koob
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