Great post on Jerry Daniels Blog

Chris & Dawn Kunicki kunicki at
Thu May 6 10:43:12 EDT 2010

Well thought out! Its difficult to hold your ground though once you start
really living with current apple products. I left apple a long time ago and
returned in recent years. I believe i will always have an iPhone and I am
watching all my friends and workmates do the same.

I think the iPad, the concept and the technology is a game changer. I am not
sure that Jerry is saying its just the iPad, but what the iPad brings
together. Others will obviously compete in the same space. But its hard to
avoid at this point.

How many iPad's were projected to sell in the first month and how many
actually sold? The numbers alone are overwhelming.

I hope rev can really resolve this issue or maybe Jerry has a magic card up
his sleeve!

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