Programming on iPad

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Wed May 5 15:38:09 EDT 2010

  Lemon ADE

Oh, come on:

what about 'Gin N Tonic', 'Bhang N Mantra',
'Iced TEA', 'Grabbitn RUN', 'Yuve bin HADD' ?

go here:

  and all one gets is  a single link to:

and then:

the User Interface; which is very odd indeed, and states

" The AST Viewer is an OpenGL interface to the AST tree that will 
eventually export to a programmable language"

'Quhen ?" as we say in Scots.

it talks about tree-mapping, in a way that reminds me of a song by Burl 
Ives . . .:

and a Reference Manual:


Whatever else it may be, this is not a programming envronment.


Did you know, that if you stick the straw up one of your nostrils, plug 
the other one,
and inhale, you will be in serious trouble ?

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