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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue May 4 13:05:14 EDT 2010

Mark Wieder wrote:
> Try this in a button:
> on mouseUp
>   answer file "where is the library file?"
>   if it is not empty then
>     set the externals of this stack to it
>     save this stack
>     revert
>   end if
> end mouseUp

That's pretty much the same as the test I asked Graham to do before, 
except that I told him to use the inspector to set the externals to a 
hard-coded file path instead of using a script. But the results are the 
same either way, and as Thierry rightfully pointed out, this method 
isn't portable. If the external changes location, it all breaks.

The best way to install an external into the IDE is to use  Rev's user 
data folder, where plugins, externals, and other resources are stored. 
On a Mac, that's in:
  ~/Documents/My Revolution <edition>/Externals

If the folder does not yet exist, just create it. You don't need to edit 
a text file when you use this folder, just drop the external in and 
restart Rev. The folder isn't touched when a new version of Rev is 
installed, so anything you store there is permanent across updates 
(which is its reason for existing.)

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