Problems with Windows Print orientation

Steve King st.king42 at
Mon May 3 13:21:14 EDT 2010

Hi Jacqueline

Good idea, but this didn't seem to work either.
I did also try deleting the last reset of the orientation (in the past I
have had problems with Rev racing on before Windows had caught up...) but no
different, so it's not that.

Temprorarily I have adjusted scaling to fit on a portrait. Will have to
think on it a bit more


Steve King wrote:
> Hi Jacqueline
> Yes, the Printer libraries are included in the standalone build, I've let
> Rev sort out libraries itself and also tried manually including. This has
> effect though

Didn't really think it would, since your script doesn't use the "rev-" 
printing commands. You could probably omit that library without any 

> Code is :
> on mouseUp
>    --answer printer (just me experimenting)
>    --answer page setup (Just me experimenting)
>    get the PrintPaperOrientation
>    Put it into Old_Orientation
>    Set the PrintPaperOrientation to "Landscape"
>    set the printmargins to 72,30,72,30
>    Set the PrintScale to 0.75
>    Set the LockScreen to True
>    set the visible of group "TAB" to false
>    Set the visible of button "Print" to false
>    Print this card
>    set the visible of group "TAB" to True
>    Set the visible of button "Print" to True
>    Set the LockScreen to False
>    set the visible of fld "Printing" to True
>    -- This is just a dummy to the user while I wait 2 seconds 
>    wait for 2 seconds
>     set the visible of fld "Printing" to False
>    Set the PrintPaperOrientation to Old_Orientation
> end mouseUp

This looks fine to me, but the docs do mention that the orientation 
won't change until "open printing" is called. Theoretically the "print 
card" command should do that behind the scenes, which makes me wonder 
why it works in the IDE but not in your standalone. But on the off 
chance that's what's wrong, try substituting your "print this card" line 
with this:

open printing
print this card
close printing

That may give the engine the wake-up it needs.

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