Apples actual response to the Flash issue

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I doubt this.  I doubt that it will be an it so much as it will be the infrastructure through which the world will come alive reflecting the intention of the intermingled motivations and resources of the entities at play in the global info sphere.  What we can say for certain is that systems complexity has reached the limits of what is comfortable for human minds to manage manually even with the he

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As I read what Randall proposes, you won't "sit down at a computer." The computer will have enough knowledge of the world to work full-time making the world a better place. Every so often it will sit down with a human to explain what it has discovered and what the human can do to help. 

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> Randall,
> What do you want to see software do?  Please be
> succinct.  Give a handful of examples of what you
> envision happening when you sit down at a computer. 
> Real terms.  No philosophy.  I'm not trying to
> disrespect you here, I just don't fully comprehend what your
> vision is for software, and how that will make the computing
> world (and world) a better place.
> Thanks,
> Mark
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> > Ok, but know that apple and adobe and microsoft are
> dealing with this issue in the context of these big-future
> projections.  Google too.  The old paradigm is
> well past its its viable life span and there is nothing but
> russian rockets left to heft us into place while we wait for
> the new.   
> > 
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> > I'm not sure what the etiquette of this board is or if
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> > moderator, but surely this thing has wandered far off
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> > remotely to do with Revolution and taken up way too
> much space.  Can  
> > we get back to Revolution related topics?

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