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Yes, and there is a tendency in silicon valley for  software engineers to never grow out of their inability to acknowledge exactly how statistically rare and strange are their views.  When everyone you run into is exactly the same as yourself, there are no social control rods to keep your weird ideas from spinning out of reasonable scope.  So few of the engineers I know can ask the big questions about the evolution of complexity handling machinery.  And the scientists have long sence left computer "science".  That computation defines (despite any long range plan) more and more of the future means we are in trouble as a species.  Big trouble.

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>> It is largely an ayn rand anarchist after school club for all white mall arcade raised nerds lacking in any real vision.
> Very difficult for a french to understand that !
> If English speaker dont speak English then "Je m'exprimerai en français sur ce forum !"
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Ayn Rand was a Hungarian who became an American; she advocated an 
extremely crude form of
anarcho-capitalism. Her books are 2-dimensional exercises in projecting 
her ideas that are
extremely popular with the 20-30 set who have been through their 
left-wing phase and are now
experiencing their backlash reaction. Once people realise how 
2-dimensional her ideas are and
how they fail to account (just as Marxism does) for the nature of 
humanity they move on; normally
giving up adopting extreme political postures.
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