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 thank you for this explanation of text 

Le 2 mai 2010 à 11:18, Peter Alcibiades a écrit :

> "It is largely an ayn rand anarchist after school club for all white mall
> arcade raised nerds lacking in any real vision"
> OK, a deconstruction.
> The writer considers (for reasons he does not make clear) that advocates of
> Open Source software are followers of the US novelist Ayn Rand.  Rand was a
> curious figure who ran a small cult political movement at the end of the
> last century, called Objectivism, and wrote several awful novels.  
> The writer thinks that Rand and her followers were anarchists.  (I don't
> think they were).  They are usually thought to be extremely right wing.
> The next phrase suggests that he thinks Open Source advocates are infantile. 
> He says "after school club".  That is, they are morally at least still at a
> level of needing to be under parental and teacher control, and their
> participation in Open Source is analogous to an after school club activity,
> strictly juvenile.
> "all white mall arcade nerds"
> They are all white skinned 'nerds', that is people with no social skills and
> an obsession with technology.  I am not sure what their color has to do with
> this, but still....
> An arcade is a sort of enclosure, and a games arcade will have lots of game
> machines in it, and a mall is a shopping mall.  So he suggests that open
> source advocates have spent their youth in shopping mall corridors playing
> video games on machines, and that this is the extent of their culture.
> Not only that, they are white, and followers of Ayn Rand, and anarchists
> with it!
> Well.  I hope that helps you understand the English.  Understanding the
> thought is something I cannot help you with....
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