Apples actual response to the Flash issue

Randall Lee Reetz randall at
Sat May 1 19:11:39 CDT 2010

Also, adobe isn't doing any of its code "donkeys" any favors when it under exploits the market through old world protectionist business practices and an avoidance of future looking technology. As with retirement pools, an entity will never be able to sustain old obligations on the profits of old ideas.  New ideas and new levels of profitability are the only way to pay the obligations owed to the inventors for efforts towards past innovations.  If adobe really wants to profit from its own past it will have to figure out how to generalive and subsume the salient aspects of its IP to a layer new products and markets can build on top of.  Holding on to software application markets born 20 years ago is a strategy born to fail.  I think IBM Is a good lesson on how a company needs to think about maturing.  Don't push your past solutions, push the human resources and resource management and infrastructure knowhow that your old product successes make evident.  Sell the ability to make solutions, not solutions themselves.  Give away the source as a way to market the minds.  More money will flow in.  Stock holders (the original innovators) will benefit more than thy would through draconian measures to extend the natural life of a product category.

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