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Sat May 1 19:02:54 EDT 2010

François Chaplais wrote:

 > RevOnline (the one I know from studio) requires revolution and has
 > a crappy interface. Plus you cannot do business there.
 > : just have a look at the top downloads
 > and the the screen shot: it's ugly. Plus it does not sell.
 > I assume revselect is
 > 15 apps: ha! Is that all?

The number of products in RevSelect isn't a RunRev problem; that's a 
developer problem.  Like that AppStore, that's where developer sell 
their wares, so if you want to see more there write some.  :)

Ugly can be fixed, and since the RevSelect stuff is already sold through 
their store, linking it from the front page of the store is a two-minute 
job for someone there.

Have you considered writing RunRev with your suggestions?

I agree they're useful ones.  When people look at a tool like Rev they 
want to see there's a sizable afternarket as an indicator of viability. 
   So it benefits RunRev more than anyone else to improve the 
presentation of third-party offerings all over their site.

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