Apples actual response to the Flash issue

Randall Lee Reetz randall at
Sat May 1 18:44:16 EDT 2010

To look at photshop or illustrator as chronos as perfect form in their categories is like looking to some awkward plated dinosaur as pattern for the future of land animals.  If the target of open source is restricted to the application layer we should expect nothing more than crippled duplicates of 20 year old ideas.  And from this you push innovation?  I have yet to hear an open source advocate talk to the evolution of technology.  It is largely an ayn rand anarchist after school club for all white mall arcade raised nerds lacking in any real vision.  That said, adobe kicks itself in the same profit seeking foot when it can't imaging a more profitable means of leveraging its IP than a suite of software in boxes and a hyper-aggressive junk yard dog approach to market access.  Profit seeking isn't the devil... Stupid profit seeking is.  

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