Location parameters in Size Inspector for stack

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Wed Jun 30 00:16:34 CDT 2010

Michael D Mays wrote:
> If a field isn't recognizing the closefield message I would call that
> a major bug, if the closefield message isn't being trapped and/or
> acted upon correctly in a field I would call that minor. (yes I am
> nit picking like my cousins ;)

It looks to me like it just isn't handling it. It used to, if I remember 

> Re reproduction: If I create a new stack, double click the stack to
> open the inspector, go to size and position; click the up arrow for
> the Max. Width, my stack disappears.

The default value for maxWidth and maxHeight is the topmost limit of the 
allowable stack size. So if you click the up arrow, you're going to go 
off into the weeds; the size will be an abstraction. The fix would be to 
script the inspector not to accept larger values than the maximum. You 
could report that in the Quality Control Center if you feel like it. 

> If I check the location width;
> height via the message box I find all of them are what is reported in
> the inspector except for the width which is 0. this time. I just
> 'reset' the stack's sizes and clicked that arrow again and the width
> was set to 1.

If you are trying to set the maxWidth higher than the default, then 
that's out of range too.

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