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Ken Ray kray at
Mon Jun 28 00:23:19 EDT 2010

> Depends on your objective. If the aim of the "isAColor" function is to
> determine whether the passed parameter can be used as a parameter in
> setting one of the color properties, then I think the function
> performs as designed.

My issue isn't with *your* "isAColor" function - it's with the built-in "is
a color" function (or is it statement?)... I meant that this:

  put "1000,1000,1000" is a color

should return "false" instead of "true".

> Well, I beg to differ on describing this as a bug. Many things are colors in
> rev, not only RGB values.
> Any color name is, HTML Color definitions are and also revs own
> representations (effective backpixel is a single number for example) are.
> Is a color needs to be able to parse all of those.

Oh, I agree with you Malte - my only focus at the moment is on the RGB form
of a color. 

IMHO either the docs need to be amended to say that the RGB values that can
be used for *setting* a color can be any three integers (and values over 255
will be modded) or can be just the single integer zero, but that if you
*get* the color you will always get three comma delimited integers from
0-255... OR it should be treated as a bug and only accept a 0-255 integer
triplet for the RGB form of color values.

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