Call to all you one-liners !

Ken Ray kray at
Sat Jun 26 22:45:50 EDT 2010

>> FYI: ugly though it is, here's the regex (it's long, so I broke it up into
>> multiple statements):
> That's a lot of work. I go for the easy way:
> function isAColor pColor
>   local tIsColor
>   put true into tIsColor
>   create invisible button
>   try
>     set the backcolor of the last button to pColor
>   catch e
>     put false into tIsColor
>   end try
>   delete the last button
>   return tIsColor
> end isAColor

Actually that doesn't solve the original issue - you can set the color to
numbers that are greater than 256 and it will still work (try it with
"1000,1000,1000" and you'll see what I mean).

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