Animated GIF not playing

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Jun 24 12:50:27 CDT 2010

Recently, Simon Lord wrote:

> Nothing unusual Scott.  The default 0.7 sec per frame in PS.

PS = Photoshop, yes?

I just tried importing my animation into PS (CS4), setting 0.7 frame delay
and rexporting as GIF.  Brought it into Rev and it seems to work fine.

That was a simple dumb test (admittedly I haven't really used PS to create
animated GIFs), so the only thing I can think of is perhaps there's some odd
transparency changes between frames that prevent the GIF from rendering
properly in Rev.  You might try setting the constantMask of the image to
true just to see what happens but from what you've described, it may not
make much difference.


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX Design

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