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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jun 23 02:12:03 EDT 2010

Emmett Gray wrote:

> Is there any way to specify landscape or portrait mode via scripting?
> HC remembered the page setup for a template. Rev (Media) doesn't
> remember anything about it when it quits, and seems to have only one
> mode possible for all stacks, not a setting for individual stacks. I
> need to print envelopes in portrait mode and all other stacks in
> landscape mode.
> I opened a couple of dictionaries in (Apple) Script Editor but didn't
> find anything there.

Did you try Rev's dictionary?

Open it and type "print", and it'll filter the tokens to those that 
begin with that word.  Among other interesting properties you'll find 
the printPaperOrientation property, which takes these values:

   - portrait: rotated 0 degrees.
   - landscape: rotated 90 degrees clockwise.
   - reverse portrait: rotated 180 degrees clockwise.
   - reverse landscape: 270 degrees clockwise.

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