Forward and Reverse filtering a List field

Mark Stuart mstuart at
Fri Jun 18 16:42:46 EDT 2010

Hi All,

Platform: WinXP
revStudio: 4.0

I'm building an app that populates SQL Server data into a list field
that is defined as a table.
The table data delimiter is the tab char.
All this works fine.

I'd like to build a filter system for the table data.

The list would be "filtered" by typing a value into any column filter
field, which is placed above each column.
So if there are 4 columns, then there are 4 filter fields, having the
possibility of an accumulative filter.

Typing into or editing a filter field will filter the list for each
character typed. Including backspacing a character or deleting any
existing character.

I've already built a prototype for this, and when typing a filter, the
script works OK.
In the "on rawKeyDown" handler, I first put the table data into a local
variable and filter on it. Then put the variable back into the field.
These ideas I got from searching the archive list.
Problem is when I backspace a filter field character (conceptually
reverting the filter), the data is not there, as it has already been
filtered and put back into the field. Resulting in an incorrect data

Question: so how do I build a filter system that can filter "forward"
(typing ahead) and filter in "reverse" (editing existing filter value or
"filter revert")?

Mark Stuart

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