[OT] Adobe and Apple

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at proactive-intl.com
Thu Jun 17 20:17:12 EDT 2010

> I remember reading in some mail list,
> (maybe HyperCard list) about the project of integrating 
> SuperTalk as scripting language of Aldus FreeHand.
> After Freehand and SuperCard were sold
> to different companies, this innovation
> never saw the daylight.

Adobe isn't alone in acquiring something, then selling it off, killing it or
letting a product languish. Not much worse than others.

I remember Guy Kawasaki convinced Adobe to acquire his Touchbase and
Datebook programs - Adobe didn't have a clue what to do with them. Then they
sold it to Now when I was there, and Now sort of sat on it, gave modest
upgrades, but mostly just got it to acquire the customer base for NUD &C.

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