[Very OT] Happy and need to share it!

Jeff Massung massung at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 16:47:45 EDT 2010

Thank you all for the kind words. It's been amazing how fast the first 10
months have flown by. What I wouldn't give to be able to periodically stop
time. And to everyone looking forward to my "grief" during those teenage
years... har har, I'll try post movies of those, too. :-)

I want to try and raise her in such a way that she gets excited about
learning and I want to dissect everything with her; show her that everything
that looks complex, is really just a bunch of small, simple parts put
together. And to question everything (even me... ya, we'll see how long that

As for the future and dating... if anyone knows any young lads who are
smart, would-be programmers, who also love the Red Sox, look me up in ~30
years once she's allowed to start dating. ;-)

Jeff M.

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