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Mon Jun 14 18:34:30 EDT 2010

On Jun 14, 2010, at 5:40 PM, Emmett Gray wrote:

> Jaque wrote:
>> Emmett Gray wrote:
>> > I've R'dTFM but I still don't know how to do this. I'm using  
>> RevMedia,
>>> if that matters. I've downloaded Rinaldi's auto-save plugin and  
>>> want to
>> > use it in a particular stack.
> <snip>
>> To use it in a stack, you'll need to make it a substack of your own
>> mainstack. In that case the visibility can be set by your own  
>> scripts,
>> and toggled by a button or menu item you create (use "set the  
>> visible of
>> stack <whatever> to <true/false>".) The plugin wasn't really meant  
>> to be
>> that sort of tool though, it's an IDE addition.
> I tried this:
> set the mainStack of this stack to  stack "Foo"
> and I got the following:
> Message execution error:
> Error description: Chunk: source is not a container

the syntax for setting the mainstack is :
set the mainStack of this stack to "Foo"
That's why you got the error message.

> However, I was able to bash through to success: Stack Inspector was  
> not available (grayed out), but I was able to click on the card with  
> the edit tool and make the Object Inspector available. I was then  
> able to inspect the stack via the Inspect submenu and choose my  
> target stack as its mainStack from the mainstack pulldown menu (with  
> my target stack open). Rev complained that stacks named with "rev"  
> as the first letters of the name are reserved for the IDE so I  
> renamed the stack. After the renaming, the stack inspector is no  
> longer grayed out when the stack is launched, but trying to set the  
> mainStack property by script still produces the error message. But  
> auto-save works.
> Maybe this workaround will be useful to other RevMedia users wanting  
> to use plugins as substacks. But in the end, I've decided to use the  
> closeField message passed to my stack script to trigger a save  
> instead of a time interval, so I removed the substack. I'm not sorry  
> for the learning experience, however. Thanks to all who helped.

-- Peter

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