Using a plugin

Emmett Gray film2 at
Mon Jun 14 17:40:47 EDT 2010

Jaque wrote:
>Emmett Gray wrote:
>  > I've R'dTFM but I still don't know how to do this. I'm using RevMedia,
>>  if that matters. I've downloaded Rinaldi's auto-save plugin and want to
>  > use it in a particular stack.


>To use it in a stack, you'll need to make it a substack of your own
>mainstack. In that case the visibility can be set by your own scripts,
>and toggled by a button or menu item you create (use "set the visible of
>stack <whatever> to <true/false>".) The plugin wasn't really meant to be
>that sort of tool though, it's an IDE addition.

I tried this:
set the mainStack of this stack to  stack "Foo"
and I got the following:
Message execution error:
Error description: Chunk: source is not a container

However, I was able to bash through to success: Stack Inspector was 
not available (grayed out), but I was able to click on the card with 
the edit tool and make the Object Inspector available. I was then 
able to inspect the stack via the Inspect submenu and choose my 
target stack as its mainStack from the mainstack pulldown menu (with 
my target stack open). Rev complained that stacks named with "rev" as 
the first letters of the name are reserved for the IDE so I renamed 
the stack. After the renaming, the stack inspector is no longer 
grayed out when the stack is launched, but trying to set the 
mainStack property by script still produces the error message. But 
auto-save works.

Maybe this workaround will be useful to other RevMedia users wanting 
to use plugins as substacks. But in the end, I've decided to use the 
closeField message passed to my stack script to trigger a save 
instead of a time interval, so I removed the substack. I'm not sorry 
for the learning experience, however. Thanks to all who helped.

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