WDEF identifiers

Simon Lord slord at karbonized.com
Sat Jun 12 20:58:11 EDT 2010

Ok, tried it and it definitely doesn't work—maybe we are not talking
about the same thing here.

If I run this:

ssSetWindowTexturedSquareCorners updateWindow, true

I get the metal skin without rounded corners.  This is good.  But the
rounded corners on the bottom are square.  The reason I cannot pass
false to ssSetWindowTexturedSquareCorners is because the 4px border
around the stack comes back.  So yes, the rounded corners appear on
the bottom but so does the 4px border which I don't want.

If there is a way to have rounded corners on the bottom with only a
single pixel border then I'd like to know how.

And the default decorations doesn't count because it places a 1px
black line under the titlebar which I also don't want.

I'm not asking for anything special, I just want my stack to look like
other OS X apps and so far this is not possible.  Only been at this a
week so maybe someone out there has the answer but so far I don't
think I'll get what I need.

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