So you CAN build an OS X app from another system...

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jun 12 20:38:12 EDT 2010

Mark Schonewille wrote:

> I just copied the standalone over the network. Zipped and unzipped,
> both work. The hard drives of the PC I used are formatted as FAT32.

Interesting.  Since so many others, including Rev tech support, couldn't 
do this before, I wonder what accounts for the difference.

Interestingly, in the scenario of an installer the reason it won't work 
is that the Mac engine loses its executable bit when copied from a 
custom prop to a file, which isn't all that different from what Rev does 
with its own installer.

How does Rev do this, and why did Mark Waddingham once suggest to me 
that the only way to write out an executable from a custom prop on OS X 
was to set its executable bit.

How does that get set in the Win Rev installer?

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