Error in date convert

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sat Jun 12 19:01:35 CDT 2010

The following script fragment works OK on Mac (and I believe on Win, but 
cannot verify that right now)

put "2010,1,0,0,0,0,0" into t
convert t to system date
put t

but if I put this into an On-Rev script (i.e. an .irev scrip) it fails 
(silently - even the on-rev client debugger doesn't see any error, it 
just stops silently).  (Works OK if I use "convert t to english date").

I will, naturally, send an error report to on-rev, but I was curious 
whether this is an on-rev problem or a Linux problem (or limitation), so 
if any Linux users can try it out and let me know I'd be grateful.

-- Alex.

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