[OT] Mac PPC and USB2 ?

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 12:52:13 EDT 2010

So; my G4 MAC went wonky; very wonky.

So; I ran out and spent 150 Euros on a Maxell 1.5 TB 'Tank' with
a USB2 interface; and spend the better part of 9 days backing
the computer up (remember the useful motto: "never do the
sensible thing until after the disaster happens")

For those who are interested in this type of thing; the MAC wouldn't 'see'
the 1.5 TB disk for WRITE until it had been partitioned into 10 150 GB

The G4 MAC only has USB1 ports . . .

So; late to the table as usual . . .  :)

Can anybody recommend a USB2 card I can pop in the back of my G4?

Hey; maybe there is a way to ensure that restoration doesn't
take another 9 days.

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