[ANN] ChartMaker 2

Hugh Senior h at FlexibleLearning.com
Sat Jun 5 04:36:56 EDT 2010

Now available at http://www.flexiblelearning.com/xtalk.htm


ChartMaker is a cross-platform Rev library solution for Mac OS and Windows,
designed to present clear, uncluttered pie, doughnut, ring, bar, column and
line charts in your own work. It comes with ChartMaker Utility, a point and
click palette that uses ChartMaker to create ad-hoc charts along with the
required syntax for you. ChartMaker's syntax is straightforward, default
settings are applied if you omit anything or if it cannot understand, and it
will always try to correctly interpret the data you supply.

ChartMaker is an appropriate solution if you want to...

. Intuitively create flexible chart graphics
. Use 'Point and Click' or fully scripted options
. Copy charts to the clipboard
. Save charts to an image file
. Integrate charts in layouts
. Specify dimensions and position to fit your design
. Quickly make display and data changes
. Apply calculated values
. Specify constants
. Draw charts using formulae
. Animate dynamic data
. Apply visual effects
. Choose 2D or gradient fills
. Selectively display specific data sub-sets ('data binding')
. Differentiate between zero and null values
. Flip (or transpose) charts for the alternative view
. List and update existing charts
. Store chart definitions in a compact archive
. Recover the data and settings for any chart

.Rev version 3.5 or later, any edition

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