Filter command not working with tabs??

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Wed Jun 2 18:18:02 EDT 2010

Hi all. I cannot see what I am doing wrong here. Try this yourselves. In the message box put:

put "test" & tab & tab & return & \
"sw_" & tab & tab & return & \
"sw_test3" & tab & "<" & tab & return into theDropData
put tab & tab into theFilter
filter theDropData without theFilter
put theDropData

I get:
sw_test3	<	

NOTICE if you will, that lines 1 & 2 have 2 tabs together, and 3 does not. The filter command here should give me just line 3 shouldn't it??

Perhaps I do not understand the filter command or regular expressions very well, but the command reference seems to indicate that I should filter out all the lines that do not contain two tabs, but it is not doing this. It looks for all the world like the filter command is completely ignoring tabs in the expression!


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