Bullet Application Script?

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Fri Jul 30 10:26:36 EDT 2010


I am at work now, when I arrive home I will pick that code and post it here.
It is a little hacky but it works, basically it is a loop with a variable
that tells the indent level, we keep track of the previous indent level as
well, when that variable changes, I check how many levels we should close or
open, and use </ul>s or <ul>s as needed.


On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 8:44 AM, Scott Rossi <scott at tactilemedia.com> wrote:

> Recently, Andre Garzia wrote:
> > I just did a routine that converts from something like:
> >
> > * first level
> > ** second level
> > *** third level
> > ** back to second level
> > ** stay on second level
> > * first level again
> >
> > into a nested bullet list to be used in RevBrowser rect. Only one way,
> from
> > that to <ul> or <ol> lists. Is this what you are looking for?
> That looks great but I just need simple adding/removing bullets from Rev
> text/fields.  I was able to write something that seems to do what I need,
> so
> I'm set for now, but if your script is available I'd love to see it in case
> the client needs nested levels of bullets (which I don't have).
> Thanks & Regards,
> Scott Rossi
> Creative Director
> Tactile Media, UX Design
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