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Another trick is to replace the ":" in the namespaces with "-" so that you
somehow preserve the namespace, you need to know which namespaces you will
be dealing with for example, if dealing with an ATOM feed you know that
there will be atom:tag inside your xml, you can do a simple

    replace "atom:" with "atom-" in tXML

and refer to your tags with the "atom-" prefix. It is a hack but it is your
only option.


On Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 1:33 PM, Mark Wieder <mwieder at> wrote:

> Ray-
> I've taken to urlencoding my xml data if it contains any chars that
> are not straightforward printable ASCII - I had some problems a while
> back with base64encoding long data strings like imagedata. Don't know
> why, but the data was getting truncated, while urlencoding always
> seems to work. So now I check the data first for things like return
> chars, tabs, etc. and encode the data if necessary. You also can't
> have purely numeric xml tags, so I fiddle with them and decontruct the
> fiddling on the way out. And the rev xml library doesn't like
> namespaces at all - just strips them out.
> You might also try using the CDATA form of storing your data if you
> have binary info to convey. I try to avoid it because I find it
> awkward and I can never remember the syntax...or maybe I can never
> remember the syntax because I try to avoid using it...
> ...and for my two cents' worth, it's hard to think of using the terms
> "xml" and "performance" in the same thought...
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