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On 28/07/2010 10:22, "Wilhelm Sanke" <sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de> wrote:

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> There are about 10 or more (minor to critical) bugs associated with the
> group object, which have cost me plenty of time and a huge amount of
> frustation to get to the details of these bugs and eventually to find
> out workarounds if possible. These bugs seem to be totally outside the
> scope and interest of the RunRev team.
> My bug report  8275 of Sept. 16, 2009, "Groups: Bugs and features ("last
> group" broken)?", which listed 5 of these group bugs, is stiil shown as
> "unconfirned" as of today - nearly 11 months later!
> If they should indeed have looked at the report and cannot replicate the
> bugs, I would at least expect an organized attempt to communicate with
> the bug reporter, maybe asking him for more information or a sample
> stack etc.etc..
>   As an active supporter and user of Revolution since its beginnings I
> am of course aware of the difficulties and the multitude of tasks the
> Rev team has to address with limited personal resources. But I think
> there is an urgent need to re-organize  the handling of bug reports and
> the management of the so-called "Quality Control Center". To completely
> disregard valuable feedback from motivated users is not the way to keep
> up or build trust for Revolution and its developers.

I agree. I have responded in more detail on this topic and on a number of
other important points relating to the direction of the Rev platform on our
revEnterprise improve-rev membership mailing list.

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