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On Jul 26, 2010, at 12:56 PM, René Micout wrote:

> Hi John,
>   set the label of btn "Cancel" of stack "ask dialog" to "Annuler" -- francisation dialogue
> Bon souvenir de Paris
> René
> Le 26 juil. 2010 à 20:17, John Dixon a écrit :
>> Hi...
>> I have put a stack together on a Mac using an 'English' Mac OS... The stack will run in France... I have just realized that there are a couple of 'Ask' commands littered about the stack that have 'Cancel' and 'OK' in the buttons...
>> Will 'Cancel' be translated into something like 'Effacer' when running under a French Mac OS ?


Profiles work really well for this kind of thing. Just create a new profile for each object that needs a French label, in the object's property inspector, under the Profile section. Name the profile something obvious like "french". Make sure the new profile is selected in the inspector, then change the label property to the French label. Do this for each object that needs a French label. Then use the revSetStackProfile command to switch between the Master (default) profile and the French one for all objects in the stack that have the french profile:

revSetStackProfile "french" --switch 

To switch back use:

revSetStackProfile "Master"



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