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I was wrong. I apologize. When the Rodeopalooza began on this list I sided with Jerry and Sarah. I made the comment that if all the posts were accurately labeled then anyone could decide which posts they wanted to read. Seemed logical enough. It is now clear that procedure is not working. 


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> Subject: Re: Regarding Rodeo discussions
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> Date: Sunday, July 25, 2010, 10:30 PM
> On 7/25/10 9:43 PM, Robert Mann
> wrote:
> > So rodeo could well be just a piece of the revTalk
> puzzle, like dataGrids
> > are.. tRev is... and so on.. and have a place here.
> No. Datagrids and tRev can be used within Rev and become an
> integral part of the IDE. Rodeo is a non-Rev product that
> cannot be used with the Rev engine. It is not an adjunct to
> Rev, and the apps it produces cannot be used with Rev. When
> it is done reading your stack, its output is no longer a Rev
> stack.  Rodeo can be used by anyone without needing a
> copy of the Rev engine, and the only connection it has with
> Rev stacks is that it can read them and turn them into
> something else.
> That's really quite amazing and awesome when you think of
> it, and people's excitement is palpable, but it isn't Rev.
> > The major underlying issue is what is this list for?
> runrev exclusiveley..
> > or all revTalk related subjects?
> Rev exclusively. With perhaps occasional announcements
> about related products.
> HyperCard, SuperCard, Rev, MetaCard, and now Rodeo are all
> x-talk products that each have their own list. I personally
> frequent three of them and I know some people who read all
> five. This is not a generic xtalk list. We do not discuss
> Lingo here either, which also began as an xtalk language.
> Sorry folks, but in the last few weeks there have been
> almost 350 messages about Rodeo, which is too much to expect
> Rev users to "just delete," particularly when there is an
> existing venue already set up and very active. I have been
> smacked in the face twice by Steve Jobs, once with HyperCard
> and again with Rev, and I have no intention whatsoever of
> writing iApps at this point. If I change my mind in the
> future, I know exactly where to go: the Rodeo list.
> I don't fault Jerry or Sarah in any way, they have
> consistently steered folks to their own list every time a
> question comes up. They've been incredibly professional and
> understanding about that and I love them both. But this is
> not the Rodeo list and I think it's time for interested
> parties to continue the discussion over there.
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