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Robert Mann rman at
Sun Jul 25 22:43:21 EDT 2010

Ok, I did launch one of the latest big thread about rodeo, relaying the
ending of the beta program.

I was aware of the tensions that showed up between Jerry's communicative
enthusiasm and this list and possibly runrev, and I took the move thinking
there was more pros than cons. It did attract attention and reactions. That
means it DID interest quite a few people from this list. As you mention, it
got out of control!

What does that MEAN? why is it so? Why is it bringing such NRJ around? 

Well, yes! rodeo was thought of as an alternative to revMobile, and yes! it
will probably offer a good alternative to revLets for wider "grand public"
use, and again, rodeo grew from revserver and uses revTalk in the scripts. 
So rodeo could well be just a piece of the revTalk puzzle, like dataGrids
are.. tRev is... and so on.. and have a place here.

I must say also that I would hate rodeo to evolve too much out of revtalk
since I beleive the major interest of it is that it sticks to revTalk
language as much as possible (for another language we have Ruby on rails !!)

So I personnaly do beleive with my heart and mind, that there is a very
strong relationship between runrev and rodeo and that this strong
relationship is positive for all of us here, including runrev.

The major underlying issue is what is this list for? runrev exclusiveley..
or all revTalk related subjects?

One practical solution could be to clearly label topics related to a third
party products like [rodeo]. I personnaly always label my topic in that way
and feel it is a good solution to keep that list opened.

Should not this be an [OT] discussion?? I always wondered what OT means!! If
somebody knows..

Robert Mann
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