IP/UDP Sockets in REV

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at economy-x-talk.com
Sun Jul 25 11:05:37 EDT 2010


TCP creates the headers for you.

If you mean HTML headers, yes you have to create those yourself when  
using sockets, but not when using the put/get URL commands.

If you want to connect to a server that requires special headers, then  
you have to do this yourself and you will need to get a copy of the  
protocol documentation for that server.

Why do you ask? Are you having a problem with datagram sockets?

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On 25 jul 2010, at 16:17, Ewan Richardson wrote:

> Hi there, wondering if someone could help clarify something for me.
> When creating socket connections using the socket datagram  
> connection, do
> you have to create the IP header and UDP header (and related  
> checksums)
> within revolution, or does revolution take care of this for you?
> Thanks for your time.

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