OT: Mac vs Win partisanship is unnecessary

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 14:11:06 EDT 2010

> And Linux fans really appreciated it.  A lot.  We get nice email.  
> It's a lot like the Mac used to be, and in some market segments still 
> is: there's such a dearth of software for the platform that OS fans 
> are happy to spread the good word about vendors supporting it.

2 points:

1. "there's such a dearth of software for the platform"; I find that 
hard to accept.

2. "And Linux fans really appreciated it"; yes, very much so; and, 
particularly with Freeware spinoffs
(such as my Devawriter) there is no effort at all in checking the 'build 
for linux' checkbox, and it
might make all the difference to somebody who only has the possibility 
of some tatty old PC and a Linux distro.

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