OT: Mac vs Win partisanship is unnecessary

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Jul 23 14:00:19 EDT 2010

Mark Talluto wrote:

 > On Jul 22, 2010, at 10:39 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Of course.  Choosing any product, whether it's an OS or a
 >> vacuum cleaner, should ideally be done on the rational
 >> merit of the product.
 > Which of your products are you intending to put on the Linux OS?

I've been shipping WebMerge on Linux for about a year now, and while we 
have very few Linux customers it was still worth the low cost of 
clicking a checkbox in the Standalone Builder. :)

I make another product for a publisher in Boston for academic markets, 
and with that one we've been inviting our current users to let us know 
about their Linux interest.  Being a multinational audience, it's pretty 
strong.  We expect to sell at least a few hundred licenses right out of 
the starting gate when we release that in Q4.

Going forward, for my own new products and a good percentage of my 
clients' apps we're incorporating Linux into our planning from the start.

It's not any sort of get-rich-quick scheme, but the low cost of the port 
allows us to pick up even a few extra licensees with a positive return.

And Linux fans really appreciated it.  A lot.  We get nice email.  It's 
a lot like the Mac used to be, and in some market segments still is: 
there's such a dearth of software for the platform that OS fans are 
happy to spread the good word about vendors supporting it.

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