confirmed recipe for linux copy & paste trouble...

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Thu Jul 22 12:55:02 EDT 2010

-- revPrintField needs to work properly - permit font choices and formatting. 
This is a major hassle, what you would be able to do with it, you're instead
obliged to  export the file and then hack around in awk or something

-- virtual desktops, ie the ability to put different windows of the app on
different desktops and work with them there and have them stay put.  This
isn't a big deal for Richmond, but it is for me, its how I work.  And any
regular Linux user will be nonplussed about not being able to do this.

On the font resize, I had wondered whether the new geometry manager applied
to the home stack would take care of this, but apparently not.  Too bad.
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