confirmed recipe for linux copy & paste trouble...

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Thu Jul 22 09:52:12 EDT 2010

Would someone please let me know where this report is in the RQCC?  If 
it's not there yet, could one of you who've experienced it open a new 
report with Andre's notes included?  Thanks.

More good news (kinda) for Peter, re. font sizes in the IDE:

Because Rev IDE objects inherit their textFont and textSize from the 
Home stack, it occurred to me that one could change those for all IDE 
elements in one step with this:

    set the textSize of stack "Home" to 14

The good news is that this does indeed increase the textSize of the 
objects in the toolbar, Inspector, and other places I checked.

The bad news is that it doesn't adjust the layout, so some things look a 
bit more cramped at that size.

So an immediate short-term solution for IDE labels too small to read: 
just run that line followed by a save command to save the Home stack, 
and you should be set.

Longer-term solution:  Someone could write a patcher that adjusts the 
control layouts in the IDE to accommodate the larger text size.  It 
needn't be quite so daunting as it sounds, since it could be done in 
stages; start with the main menu bar, then the Inspector, then whatever 
else you need.

In review:

- The engine team has addressed the issue with default button 
appearances under Linux, to be part of the next release.

- Andre found a workaround for the Paste problem, and hopefully with 
adding that to the RQCC the engine team will be able to address it.

- IDE font size can be worked around somewhat with one line of code, and 
anything more refined can be done with a patcher if desired.

- Andre has offered to make a Debian package for the Rev install.

- printPaperOrientation is being investigated by the engine team; no 
word on that at the moment.

We're on a good roll.  Thanks to all who've participated.

What other issues affect the Rev experience on Linux?

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